Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wow…I can’t believe I’ve been away from my blog for so long. Actually, this March I’ve been away from blogging, internet groups, and even most IRL social activities. I’ve been a regular hermit.

We were able to get my father into a good assisted living program shortly after my last post.

It’s so very odd. Writing that sentence seems simple. Cut and dried. Still even now, a couple of weeks later and 300 miles away, I’m still raw about it. Painful? I can’t begin to tell you. To make a long story short: This experience has made me doubt everything I have ever believed about myself. But I was blessed with good advice and kind words from a blogging friend. She had walked in my shoes and shared her experiences with me. Her “voice” in my ear was a great comfort. Thank you, Mia.

And as they say, life goes on.

If anything will distract you from your own troubles, it’s a household with teenagers. My kids continue to amaze and befuddle me.

I worry constantly about DS going to college. I’m not a bit worried about his classes or his cross-country running or his friends. I’m going bananas because he’s a slob. No…he’s a gross slob. A disgusting slob. And no roommate will put up with that unless he’s as big of a slob as John is. Oh lord, can you even imagine? So I worry.

DD has decided to become a vegetarian. Ordinarily I’d be fine with that, but she’s a distance runner (like her brother) and runners need protein and I just wish to god that she’d eat a freakin’ egg from time to time. Or a cookie.

And finally, here’s my progress on Tree of Life:

That's a crappy picture, but Dave changed some kind of setting on the camera and I'm too lazy to figure it out.

I have another finish, too. One of those JBW French Country designs...what fun! I think I'll just scan that one.


  1. (((((Lee))))) The pain will soften with time and once you see how your dad adjusts to his new life in assisted living.

    I love your current stitching. I so have to post some pictures.

    And I can't even begin to think about college or vegetarianism (is that a word?) because I am still reeling from the soon-to-be high school stuff. But the way you describe your kids could be my kids. My DD who is 9 may not eat a lot of meat but does have her favorites. I could see her not eating it later in life. But I don't see her giving up cookies so I guess I am safe for now. :)

    You hang in there. You did everything right where your dad is concerned. :)

  2. Welcome back! I hope that time will ease your pain.

    As for your son, a roommate might be just what he needs to kick him into gear as far as picking up after himself is concerned.

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your father. That would be so hard. Men's dorms...well, most of them are pigs. So it's very likely his roommate will be one too, or! As Anna said, maybe he will be challenged to do better, or made to do better. College isn't just book learning there are alot of life lessons to be learned too!