Friday, April 06, 2007

Even after stitching the little JBW rabbit, I wasn't ready to return to Tree of Life. So I resurrected Souvenir Sampler. Poor thing has been sitting idle for about a year. I didn't have much time to work on it, so I don't have loads of progress to report.

The nice thing about this sampler (and I guess about most samplers) is that you can stitch a motif and feel like you've accomplished something. Here are the areas I've been playing with:

And in this next picture I really didn't stitch anything new, but I found a neat golf bag charm to put near the letter "D"...for Dave.

I'm on the hunt for a couple of charms - a large-ish horse charm for Colleen and a small-ish running shoe for John. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. I bought two horse charms for my Souvenir where did I put the extra one?

    One of them came from Timeless Charms (, and I can't find any email from the second company. I'll take a look around.

  2. Lee, I love Souvenir Sampler. It is so pretty. A few years back, another online friend was stitching this during CATS. I fell in love with it, but never ordered it when it was re-released. :( No worries, I haven't thought about it til I just saw yours. :)

    Happy Easter!!!!

  3. I love pieces like this! I hope you finish it up soon.
    Happy Easter!