Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter 2007

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. What a weekend - What wacky weather! We went to church in four inches of snow and over some crazy slippery roads. Of course, the kids were hoping for a school delay on Monday, but no such luck.

In the morning I made us a brunch, but we went to a restaurant for Easter dinner. It was the first time we've ever gone to a restaurant for a holiday. On the one hand, it was very relaxing for me. No crazy cleaning the week before, no days of cooking and endless dishwashing. But on the other hand, my holiday food is way, way, way better than anything we could ever get in a restaurant. So, while I'm glad that we gave it a try, I don't know that I'll push to eat out in the future.

We tried for a family photo after church. Is it just us, or does everyone have a bunch of family photos that are....dysfunctional? Even when I was a kid, I remember my dad lining us up for family pictures, but an argument would always crop up and the final result was....umm....less than perfect. I'll have to see if my mother has one really funny Easter series that involves 5 disrespectful children, a run-away dog and thrown couch cushions. But anyway, that was the past. THIS is the present:
Photo Number One:

We look reasonably happy, don't we? But then there were complaints that the men in the photo hogged up all the space and the poor teenage girl was barely visible because their huge bodies were in the way. So it was time for photo number 2. Of course, the teenage boy didn't agree and could not POSSIBLY spare another 30 seconds of his time for another picture. But he was coerced, so Photo Number Two turned out just lovely.
He did that on purpose. I could kill him. And then Dave and I decided that we really didn't need those rotten teenagers anyway.

I stitched a bit on Souvenir Sampler on Sunday. I'm always amazed at how slowly I stitch. But I was watching a DVD - House of Cards - while I stitched. It's a political intrigue story, and Ian Richardson's evil character sends chills up and down my spine. I couldn't take my eyes off him. So...of course I made stitching mistakes and spent my lunchtime Monday picking them out.

Found another interesting Internet radio station: Nice Noise Kind of reminds me of my mother's kitchen radio on school mornings....and some newer stuff, too. Check it out.


  1. Photoshop?

    The year my mom tried to have Thanksgiving in a restaurant there was nearly a revolt. We'll see how "the kids" like doing holidays--next year, Christmas is in PA!

  2. Lovely pictures of you and your family. No, really. Despite the teenage boy. I love family pics.
    As for eating out on a holiday: I have yet to try it. Jula likes to invent dishes, and then she tells me exactly how to prepare them :o) so there really is no need to go out to dinner. Humph.

  3. Your photos are beautiful, Lee. You should see some of mine. LOL I have TONS of pictures of my two kids and there really is not one "perfect" one. LOL

    I am glad your Easter was a good one. I hear ya about the eating out. As much as I hate the cleaning and prep and cleaning and cooking and cleaning...I rather be home for a holiday.