Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some stitching - Some soccer

Stitching first:
I worked a bit on Souvenir Sampler, just finishing another letter, (R), but I didn't take a picture. It didn't seem like enough progress to deserve a photo.

I've continued on my break with Tree of Life and stitched a small Blackbird Designs freebie for a Yahoo group SAL.
Fun? Youbetcha!

So now I'm ready to go back to Tree of Life. I have my chart all prepared for the next section, and my magnets are ready.

You may wonder what I mean when I say that the chart is prepared: This chart covers several large sheets of paper, without the benefit of grey shading to show where the sheets should connect. So whenever I'm crossing into territory on an adjacent sheet, I have to lay a few pages out flat and tape them together and PRAY that it's correct. There are places where the graph lines get a little wavy and faint, so while the top portions of the pages seem to line up correctly, I have to pay close attention to the chart as it moves down or across the page. It could be off (up or down, right or left) by a stitch. Fortunately, this is a sampler, and it's mostly bands, so a little common sense goes a long way. If it were a picture...I'd be fried.

Well gang, Spring Soccer season officially opened on Saturday. I had five games Saturday morning, so it was time to unfold the uniform, hunt down the cute black shoes, and test out the whistle. If you aren't acquainted with USSF soccer, I thought you might like to see the stylishness of our ref clothing. These little numbers are available in yellow, black, red, blue, and magenta. We all scoff at magenta, though. It makes us look stupid. We have enough trouble carrying off the short shorts and the black knee socks, and we don't need magenta to make things more difficult.

Referees, like the players, work as a team. There are usually three of us: A Center Referee and two Line Referees. Sometimes there is a fourth, and he's called - - - The Fourth Official. (He only keeps track of substitutions.) In high school ball there may be two or three. In many small-sided recreation leagues, there may be only one.

Anyway, the referee team must all wear the same color uniforms. So when we meet for games, we usually take all of the uniforms we have in our collection. Why? Because we do our best to wear colors that won't be confusing to either team. So we switch shirts according to the color of the teams we are officiating. Theoretically, the soccer team is supposed to switch shirts, but that never happens. And if you show up with only one shirt, Murphy's law will tell you that one team will absolutely be wearing that color. And then you look stupid.

I've come to think that one very important aspect of being a referee is doing everything you can not to look stupid. Seriously. It's half the battle. So I continue to learn.

In the meantime, Saturday I earned a cool $50 for running around a field with 9 and 10 year olds for four hours. Hmm. Whatever shall I buy???

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  1. That R is big. I think it's meritorious.

    And I would so want the magenta uniform.