Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Is it time for that vacation yet?

So much is going on right now, but so very little of it is stitching related, so I've not been posting very much.

I'd just love an afternoon of sitting on the deck on a comfy lounge chair stitching. It's not happening, though.

Here's the rundown:

Dave's mother
My parents
My back/hip
Track meets
Soccer games played
Soccer games officiated
Prom X2
Freshman/Sophomore Dance
Marching band parades
National Honor Society dinner
The weeds that I used to call a garden

And about a mill-freakin'-illion other day to day things.

I'm not whining. I completely enjoy almost all of the things on that list. On the other hand, when vacation time comes, I'll be ready!


  1. Lee, I have one of those lists too. I am so busy from now til June it ain't funny. :)

    And I just ADORE your DS's grad. announcement. He is such a handsome boy. He is 4 years older than my DS. My DS is 8th grade Class of 2007 and will be Class of 2011 for HS. ACK!!!! When did I get old? LOL

  2. Holy cow to both you and Mia! I'm glad all that stuff is behind me, that's until the grandkids come along and who knows when that will happen and if Sean will live in this area?
    Sounds like you will need a vacation and 'me' time. Let us know what you will plan to do.

  3. It is amazing how life just gets crazy sometimes!!

  4. Wow! You are really busy! Time will come for the needle, right now try not to go too crazy, enjoy the things and activities with the kids, those are milestones you'll be glad you didn't stitch through!