Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm SO Cranky.

Heat, humidity, and PITA son. Too much to do and way too little time. And my phone has been dead since Tuesday, and I'm wrangling with the phone company and I want to kill someone, because the longer my phone is dead, the farther behind I'm falling with my work.

I'm past feeling snippy. I'm downright bitchy.

So I slipped on over to visit a favorite blog, Stitch Bitch. I've always liked her blog, and since she's moved to the Philly area, I like to read her posts even more.

I can't put a finger on why I like all of my Philly area bloggers, but when I visit blogs, I usually visit them first. And I remember them most.

Anyways, she came across this online bit:

Biker Babes
From an ad for online photo sharing

“Perhaps you belong to a cross-stitching club or the other end of the spectrum, a motorcycle or classic car club.”

Now, remember, I told you that I'm cranky. So keep that in mind.

But all I could think of was: Why does the writer think cross stitching is at the other end of the club "spectrum" that includes car clubs? Have you ever been to a car club? Have you ever met a more persnickety group? With their giant dusters and ArmourAll and lint free rags? Puhleeze. Or a motorcycle club? They have more gear and biking-related clothing and paraphenalia than any stitcher could ever hope to accumulate to augment his or her hobby.

So what exactly IS at the other end of the spectrum?

Here's how I think it should read:
“Perhaps you belong to a cross-stitching club or the other end of the spectrum, a club for people who can't sit still for more than five minutes at a time, can't count, and obviously don't have opposable thumbs because they find it impossible to hold a needle.”

Oh wait. Maybe that describes golfers....Especially the can't count part. Exactly how many strokes was that? I saw you take 6. And you wrote down 4? Oh.

And with that, I'm off to spread my crankiness around the house some more.


  1. Wow! You are cranky. We've gotten a little respite from the heat. Here's blowing the "cool" winds west...

  2. Lee, I hope you are feeling less cranky soon (although I have to laugh at your posts, so maybe a small selfish bit of me hopes you don't emerge into regal calmness quite yet ;). Take care

  3. And don't forget "Can't multitask" to your list of opposites!

    When does your DS leave for college?

    Hope your feeling less cranky soon.

  4. Deep breath, deep breath, count to ten. Take care, I hope your mood evens out soon.