Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kindergarten to College

Wow...Thirteen years can sneak up on you. I never believed it when parents of older kids told me that it would go by quickly. Now I believe it.

We had a pretty good college move-in day. Because he's an athlete we were given an early move in day. Those kids arrive early for their various "camps". So no crowds, no fuss. It was kind of a drawback too, because it was difficult to leave John behind in a mostly empty dorm. It just seemed so lonely and he seemed so...young. But the rest of the freshmen move in on Saturday, and then upperclassmen on Tuesday, so the place will be bustling in a very short time.
I'll resist the urge to get sentimental, because I'll get all blubbery. Instead I'll show you a couple of pictures. I'm very proud of these kids.

August 1994

August 2007


  1. It feels like we blink and they grow up!!! I love the photos. I have quite a few of them myself. I keep saying to myself that I can't believe I have a high schooler. I still remember taking him to preschool. The rest of the years is a blur to me. :)

    I wish your DS the best of luck in college and I give you lots of hugs. I will be in your shoes in 4 very short years. :)

  2. They do grow up quickly. My son just started 6th grade Middle School and I keep wondering when did this happen? Those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just went through this on Saturday. Sean's 'almost' a junior, but he only knows a few people out of 30K up at Penn State. I got blubbery myself. For about 3 days. I still miss him.
    Your photos should be framed as a pair. Very sweet.