Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I had a big long post about our soccer team, and I didn't publish it. For as much as it felt good to rant about some of this season's issues, I needed to rethink hitting that PUBLISH button.

I'll just say that the year is starting off very bumpy, and this is NOT a good year to be the booster president. Somehow I'll try to deal with it all gracefully.

If not, I've saved my rant, and if I'm still pulling my hair out, that PUBLISH button may see some action around October.


  1. Lee, I will write all of the info I can find on this pattern:
    Museum Celle Sampler 1826
    permin of copenhagen
    danish art needlework
    Leaflet 154410
    DMC Made in Denmark
    Original Stickmeseum Celle-Foto Handwerken zonder Grenzen

    I bought it several years ago, maybe 7 or 8. I would be happy to give it to you when I finish it.

  2. I trust you'll knock 'em into shape in no time - good luck with it!