Monday, September 17, 2007

Another busy weekend

And I have a terrible cold just to keep things interesting. But I haven't had even a sniffle in over 18 months, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

Friday I drove back and forth to get John at college and bring him home. A month of serious running had tweaked his back and hips some, and he needed to see the chiropractor. He had an appointment Saturday morning, then we drove him back in the evening. That was a LONG time in the car, but I can't tell you how happy we all were to see him. He seems to have adjusted well college classes, he likes his roommate, and he fits in well with the cross country team.

Colleen came with us Saturday evening, and John gave her a little tour of the campus and the student center and the athletic center. It was just the thing to get her started thinking about colleges and life beyond high school. Those decisions will be here before we know it.

Then on Sunday I crashed on the couch almost all day. I was beat. Oh - I forgot to mention that I worked 7 games on Saturday before driving John back to school. They were short in-house games, but it still amounted to 5 hours on the fields.

Next week Dave and I will drive back to Allegheny to watch John run in the Allegheny Classic. It'll be the first time for us to see John run at the college level, and we're pretty excited. And then there's the fabulous tailgate party that the parents have planned! It should be a fun day.

Maybe I'll get a stitch or two in this week...

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  1. Best of luck to John in his race! Sounds like you've been keeping very busy reffing!