Friday, October 19, 2007

I love awards. And I love finishes.

My Award First.

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And I'll pass this very prestigious award on to:


First, I've gotta say that I love to read my Philly girls. And if it's bad form to re-award the person who awarded me, then just call me guilty. You know what's interesting? I've been reading and blogging for a few years now, and I haven't come across any Pittsburgh area stitching bloggers.

Here's a finish! Just in case you live in a cave: It's one of the LHN/Crescent Colours kits called "Watermelon".
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By the way - I'd like to give this chart away. (Chart only - no threads) Any takers? And I'd like to give away the CCN design from a month or so ago, "Holly and Ivy". I'm in a de-cluttering mood. So look out - nothing is sacred. Well, except my scissors. And my threads. And most of my fabrics. And most of my charts. In fact, maybe I'll keep these two charts after all. But everything else had better beware. (Just kidding. If you want one or both of these charts, I'll give them to the first commenter who asks for them.)

Man, that makes me sound desperate for comments.

Now I'm working on a JBW pumpkin. Sigh. I'm always a season behind everyone else. Look for a picture maybe in December...

My fall season of running around like a crazy person is about to come to an end.

High school soccer is OVAH. All that I have left to plan is the banquet on October 29 and then my reign as Madame President is finished. I'm glad that I did it, but I'm even more glad to be finished. I was able to keep a reasonably positive attitude through the year, although it was difficult occasionally. There were new people to get to know, and old friends that needed to be handled delicately at times. Then, just to keep things interesting, toss an insane coach and 24 teenage girls into the mix. Good God. BUT, I did my job, raised lots of money, made some new friends, and didn't lose any old friends. I'd call that a success. And now I'm done. Leave 'em laughing, that's what I say.

Rec Soccer's in-house league ended last Saturday with a series of "World Cup Playoffs". Great fun. Good kids, good coaches. Working those games is a joy. My last traveling league games should be this Sunday. Those games can be challenging, and I find that I look to them with a mixture of excitement and dread.

Cross country is about over, too. Colleen has one more meet next week, and John is done. Well, he's done racing outside. He's preparing for Winter track, which is mostly indoors and will be completely new to us. I don't even know when that season starts!

And now I'll be catching up on work. I mean paycheck-type work. December will be here before I know it, and falling behind is not an option this year.


  1. Thank you for the re-award. And I'm glad to be a part of your "PA Crew." We'll have to get together IRL someday...

    I love Watermelon, but I've started thinking about my stitching plan for next year, and I won't get to it anytime soon so if someone else wants it....

  2. Congratulations on the finish! I would love to have Watermelon, but only if Anna is absolutely sure that she won't get to it soon.

  3. If you would like to give away the Holly and Ivy chart, I would like to have it with the promise that once it is stitched I will pass the chart on to someone else. If you have decided to keep it that is ok too! :)

  4. Thanks Lee, so sweet! Glad you like to read my blog, ditto here. I like that you've been to places in this area. We didn't travel out your way at all, but maybe sometime. Sean is near you at PSU. : )
    Your watermelon is sweet and I may start missing summer.

  5. Lee, I am so late in commenting but today is the first day in quite awhile that I have been able to relax and catch up on blogs. Thanks so much for the award. You make me smile too. Even though you are in Pittsburgh and so far away from us Philly girls, we are still PA sisters.

  6. Lovely finish on Watermelon. You must be so pleased with the finish of the soccer and cross country seasons!

  7. I'm tried just reading this. Just breath. The Watermelon finish is great and a pumpkin in November is not really behind. Your good.