Monday, October 08, 2007

Running, Racing, and Ref'ing

OH!! And Reservations! I finished paying for my November Camp Wannasew reservation, and I made my flight plans and arranged for the rental car. Got directions from the Airport to the Silver Needle. I'm so excited about this trip I could just scream!

I know some of you have been campers before, so I'd appreciate your advice on a few things. Like luggage. My inclination is only to pack a carry-on with minimal clothing and my OTT light, but what do you recommend? Will I be able to get in a run or two while I'm there? Were there roads and/or nice walking paths?

And here's a biggie: How's the coffee or should I bring my own?

Speaking of running, I never thought I'd say this but I find myself looking longingly at my winter gear. The heat of September and October has sapped my energy. I'm struggling to get in 3 miles three times a week. I'd love a good cold snap. It seems to take so much EFFORT.

I had two traveling soccer games this weekend. Let me tell you, I earned every penny on Sunday, working a game on a large field for 70 minutes in 90 degrees and high humidity. At the end I felt like my legs were stuck in wet cement. But it's all good because it's more Camp Cash!

Colleen and I went to Slippery Rock this past weekend to watch Johnny race. He keeps improving steadily. He's nowhere near the front of the pack like he was in high school, but we all expected that. Even if he never reaches the front of the pack, he's showing us such dedication and maturity...he amazes me.

Oh but we had quite a shock when we saw him. This is the young man that I sent to school in August:

And this is the young man who met me after the race on Saturday:

The beard...the hair....Scary, huh? Something about the team isn't allowed to shave until after Nationals. In November. Cripes he looked mangy. Still, even in all his Cavemanishness, it was wonderful to see him and we got to spend the afternoon together. I sure miss his sense of humor and his sharp wit.

Finally, here's the scoop on my daughter. She's been playing two varsity sports this fall: Soccer and Cross-Country. And by some quirk of scheduling, all of her AP and honors and college level courses are this semester.

So it hasn't been easy for her. She gets fatigued and she's been staying up late to finish homework. There's a lot on her plate.

Her soccer coach expects a lot from her, because she's a smart veteran player with lots of stamina. Her cross country coach expects a lot from her too, because even though this is her first year, she has surprised us by winning almost every meet, and she's always the first girl in for her school. But while she has some talent, she doesn't have a lot of racing skill, because she's inexperienced. Believe it or not, fast doesn't always win the race. Lots of racing happens between your ears, and there is a surprising amount of strategy and thought involved.

So for each close meet, she feels tremendous pressure. Two weeks ago we had a very important tri-meet, and she needed to place second overall to win that meet, and the win would mean that the girls' team would be section champs for the season, also.

Without going into lots of detail, one thing led to another and instead of a first or second or even third place finish, she finished tenth. Our team lost to both teams at the meet, and consequently lost the section title as well.

To say she was disappointed would be the understatement of the century. In her 16 year old mind, she was devastated. We all told her that this stuff just happens., but she was so upset and my heart broke for her.

Well, after about a day she just picked herself up and kept at it. Her last race of the fall season was wonderful. She won it convincingly and she was interviewed by the newspaper and earned herself a big headline. Mind you, it wasn't her best race time, and it wasn't even the best race time that anyone in the section had run that day, but by some twist of fate the reporter really highlighted her. She's such a good must've been kharma.

AND she received the news that she was picked as Student of the Month for her high school and will be in the newspaper again later this month. (So we needed to have a portrait done and that's the pic in my earlier post)


  1. I've been to Camp Wannasew. Pack light. You won't need to make much of a fashion statement. Spend time stitching.

    If the camp is in the same place I went, it is a state park. There is one main road in, but some other roads. Not sure about trails, but lots of wildlife.

    Ott Light it good. Always need extra light. I usually took a magnifier too.

    Watch the weather to know what type of clothes to pack. At times, it can be rather warm, like 70s and 80s.

    Have fun!!!
    Have fun!!!!

  2. The road is lonely, so I am sure you can run on it. Just watch out for the deer (one evening, on the way back from the Amish dinner, we lost count at 40). What Kathy says is true, you don't need to dress up much. I never eat the breakfast, so I don't know about the coffee, but people bring loads of stuff to eat and drink.