Sunday, November 25, 2007

1/2 of an Empty Nest

I took Johnny back to school today. Boy, this house feels empty without him. He can be one giant PITA sometimes, and I lost a lot of my beauty sleep this weekend, but I sure do miss that kid.

Of course, Colleen is still here, but she gets pretty persnickity these days. (I mean, anymore.) Getting all of your mother's attention all of the time isn't necessarily a good thing, I guess.

So - today we left around 10AM and I drove to Meadville, took my son grocery shopping, had lunch, decorated his room for Christmas, and headed home. Stopped briefly during my return trip in one of those Super-Joann's for some more finishing supplies and some tree ornaments. Met Dave for pizza in town, went to his mother's to take out her trash, and was back at my own house by 8PM.

I'm tired!

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