Friday, November 16, 2007

Camp stash!

I promised to show you some of the stash I brought home with me, but I think I'll divvy this up into a couple of posts. Not that I bought such an huge haul, but because my camera software is acting hinky and I just don't feel like dealing with it anymore.

So - Here's the stuff that I bought: First the new projects! What you see here is :
Papillon's Simple Little Quaker, with the fabric and threads that I chose. I think it's 32 Ct. Light Sand Linen, and it's "Freedom" threads from GAST.

Two Mill Hill Button and Bead kits - one of a Western scene, and the other is a Lake scene. I decided on light blue linen for that, rather than the perforated paper that came with the kit.

Finally, there's a Sweetheart Tree kit from their alphabet series. This is the letter "J", for my sister, Janet. Coincidentally, she signs everything "J", so this was perfect! It'll make a nice gift for her.

Now, on to the gadgetry!
I love these Kelmscott Needle Minders and I went a little nuts and bought three of them. A butterfly, dragonflies, and a kitty. I'm sorry, they are way too pretty to leave on the shelf, and they make me smile every time I plunk a needle onto one.

I decided to try a magnifier. I'm up to using super strong cheaters for stitching - (3.5's) and I'd much rather use my regular reading glasses and a magnifier. I used this Daylight magnifier all weekend, and although sometimes I'd need to switch away from it, for the most part I really liked it. Not terribly costly at about $30, and even if I hadn't liked it, I could have given it to John for when he works on his plastic models.

And since I'm the Queen of Eavesdropping, I overheard some women in the shop saying how much they liked the John James Petite needles. So I tried a pack of 26's, and they were marvelous for my Tree of Life project. (36ct. fabric and one strand of silk). And since one can never have enough needles, I bought three more packages the next day.

I had planned to buy some new scissors and I really liked this pewter colored pair. I have gold and silver, so pewter was a bit different.

Everybody had these neat little Ort holder kit things. Most of them were larger, with enough room for your scissors, a nice pincushion, and a needle magnet, but the ones the store sold were these much smaller ones. Nonetheless, I liked it and had to have it! But if anyone has a pattern or plans to make the larger version, I'd love to try to make one.

Finally, with these purchases I had filled my whole my Silver Needle keytag, so I spent my credit on one of these thread cards. It has the Eiffel Tower on it. Did I ever tell you that my dad's family was from France? Both of his parents were immigrants, he actually spoke French fairly well. So French things have kind of a special meaning to me.

OK, later I'll show you the goodies that came to us as part of our camp fee, like the three camp projects and the night time treat bags we received. Unless I chuck the camera out the window...


  1. Beautiful goodies. Please, please give the camera another try!!!
    Take care

  2. Nice stashing!

    I love John James Petite needles, and - unless I'm stitching with metallics - don't use anything else. I prefer using 26s or even 28s (when my not so LNS has them). I wondered what all the fuss was about when I first heard about them, and I found the first few stitches awkward, but then I realised how great they are!

    Standard John James are good too, for metallics and thicker threads.