Tuesday, November 20, 2007

He's back!

My loverly boy is home from college for a nice break! This is the longest he's been home since he left for school. We'd go to see him for his XC meets, and he came home for a quick overnight back in September (seems like a million years ago) and that's all. So now we have him for five whole days and the house is "right" again. And the beard is history! Yay!

Found a new (sort of) cross stitch shop while I was picking him up in Meadville. The sort-of part refers to the cross stitch part. It's a combination Fly-tying and cross stitch supply "shoplet". I never would have put those two together under one roof, but they must have something in common that I don't know about? Anyway - It's in one of those buildings that has been converted to a mini-mall. There aren't actually stores in it, but vendors have small spaces, sometimes in cubicles, sometimes not. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, that's the second wee little store I've come across lately. The other one was in Philadelphia and was in a corner of a gift shop.

Makes me wonder...with so many shops closing, will these mini-stores make it? Their inventory is so very small. I always buy something, because they always have something I can use and because if somebody has the chutzpah to give a cross stitch store a try, I'll gladly give them some business. Heaven knows I've thought of it about a million times, but I've never had the courage.

I went to Michaels over the weekend to buy some finishing supplies and frames. Remember that I had a stitched project that I wanted to dedicate to my Dad? So, among other things, I found the perfect frame, and I came home excited to start putting it together - only to find that I left the blasted thing at the register at Michaels!! Almost an hour's drive away! What a moron! I'm having a painting framed there, so they'll just hold it until I return to pick up my custom framing.

One of these days I'll get my act together.

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