Saturday, November 17, 2007

I think this is the last of it

These should be my last pics of the things I brought home from Camp. First the projects we received as part of our camp fee: I only finished one project, but I thought you might like to see the colors of the fabrics and fibers of the other stuff, too. My only finish was the little ornament at the bottom. It's a little snowman designed by Prairie Schooler, but the Silver Needle girls improved it using a piece of WDW hand-dyed linen, and with using mostly Crescent Colors silks. The finishing technique was more or less the same as a pinkeep, but they added ruched ribbon to it up and provide a hanger and a bow.

The other two projects are a halloween needle/scissor book (came with scissors and a gold needle!). I don't like the design that much, but I do love the vivid colors. And the third project was a sampler-style Christmas tree made into a box. The stitching was designed by Erica Michaels, and the SN folks added all kinds of great and fancy threads and beads for embellishment. Sorry - that project's supplies didn't photograph very well.

Each night we received a treat bag, and the first night included packets of cross stitch booklets and magazines and leaflets. There was something for everyone, and this was my packet:
The first bunch includes a book of samplers designed for Sudberry House, some lovely Linda Driskell ornaments, and a Mosey 'n Me chart called "Chesters Heart". The second batch are leaflets that just aren't particularly me, so if anyone wants one or more of them, please let me know and you can have them. If more than one person wants a particular chart, I'll just draw a name out of a hat. But anyways, these charts include:
The Lord is my Shepherd - 4 My Boys
Boo Brew - Ladybug Lane
Who's Scared of Crows - Mosey 'n Me (MNM)
Simple Houses - MNM
The Trio - MNM
Halloween Stack - Waxing Moon

And this next picture is from our final night: Three little treats from Vera Bradley - a tiny purse/keychain, a Post-it holder, and a credit card holder. And a neat little sampler magnet. Oh - and a SN pen, but that's not here. Oh - and the bags of candy. Lovely dark chocolates. They aren't here either. For obvious reasons....Gimme a break. It was seven days ago.

Tomorrow I should have made great progress on the Sweetheart Tree "J" project. I'm just flying along....


  1. You got a fabulous bunch of goodies!!!!!

  2. You got some nice stash, and sounds like you had a great time. Sorry to hear about your Dad, glad that you decided to go to the camp anyway, your Dad would have wanted you to go.

  3. You guys didn't trade charts? We had big stacks of charts making their way around all the tables. I don't think anyone brought home charts they didn't want. Now you'll know for next time! :)

    There's always a project or two that's not "me" but I always stitch it up to give away. Somehow the finishing always seems to get done when I'm at camp...