Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Squares. We love squares.

Where would we be without the square? Or the cube? If you were an old cross stitch project of mine, you'd still be sitting in a basket. But thank goodness for the square and the cube.

Here's a Quaker-style design that has been crying out for a finish.

And here's a little thingy I stitched probably three years ago. And I received this little tuck pillow as a gift or prize or something from a Yahoo group, and why it ever took me this long to put these things together, well who knows?

And here I have finished the stitching for my sister's gift. (Gee - it's exactly a square...go figure).

I have the box that I want to use to finish it, but I need to do some sanding and staining. I think I'm getting to be pretty darn good at mounting my own needlework. It's actually kind of relaxing to lace it and skootch it around.

Finally, thanks to everyone for all of the nice things you've said about my photo collage of my dad. I appreciated each note.

It's such an odd thing. I find that every kind gesture and word gives me comfort, whether it comes from a close friend or from a stranger who's just swinging by my blog that day. It just goes to show you what any act of kindness can do for someone. So...again...thanks.


  1. What a great job you did with the finishing on those pieces. I love the piece for your sister. Who is the designer for that?

    Again great job!

  2. I really like the piece you did for your sister. The finished cube is beautiful. I look forward to more stitching and pictures.

    Take care

  3. Debbi,
    It's a design by Sweetheart Tree.