Monday, December 03, 2007

A blue day

I'm having a really blue day today. Maybe it's lack of sunlight and exercise. Maybe it's just this phase of my life.

My dad loved Christmas. He loved Christmas music and would have played it all year long if we had let him. So every Christmas song that I hear makes me feel blue. Turning it off seems wrong, though.

I suppose it's best to just feel this and then let it pass, because there's no avoiding it. Probably wouldn't be healthy to avoid it anyway.

Maybe a nice snowstorm will help. The wind today is wicked, and the power has been flickering since 6AM. But the snow will be pretty.


  1. You'll have a blue Christmas without him...

    We're here.

  2. Those 'firsts' without loved ones are rough. Try to picture your dad smiling or humming along with the music.
    Thanks too for dropping my my blog with your support.