Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas things about me

Dianne tagged me for a 12 Christmas Things About Me "Hoopla", so sure... I'll play along!

1- I really love Christmas music and carols. Mostly the older stuff, but I can get sentimental over Springsteen's Santa Claus is Coming to Town, too.

2- When I smell burning hair, I think of Christmas. As kids, we always sang in the church choir and that meant a midnight candlelight service. And we processed into the church in a line and with lit candles. Now, it was the 70's, so we all had long, straight hair. Somebody's hair always caught fire.

3- I cried like the world was ending when my parents told me that there was no Santa Claus. I wasn't particularly little either. Probably 11 years old.

4- I like to cook a special meal on Christmas Eve. I enjoy that meal more than Christmas dinner, because it gives me a chance to be more creative. Especially with the dessert! Oh, and the cocktails! And the late-night snack!

5- And much to the dismay of my son, Christmas gifts are opened on Christmas morning, NOT Christmas Eve. Sorry Johnny - you'll have to get your butt out of bed.

6- I don't like tinsel.

7- I have three - yes - three advent calendar fabric panels that I have yet to make up. I just bought the third one this past Friday. I'm hopeless.

8- I love to give and get new pajamas for Christmas.

9- I miss my family in Philadelphia each Christmas, but I would miss being in my own home even more.

10- I think that snow at Christmas is overrated. Unless you've just received new skis or a new snowboard.

11- You all know this already, but I stink at sending Christmas cards.

12- And finally, there is absolutely no contest here: My husband is hands-down the best Christmas gift-giver ever.

OK, and now I need to tag a few folks: So if you're reading, maybe you guys ( Julie, Jennifer, and Annemarie) would like to play along


  1. Thanks for playing along and good answers! The burning hair remembrance-yikes.
    My husband needed training in gift giving. He never hardly gets 'hints'. I sure don't need another wallet or vase. : ) He did give me a drawing board for the computer for my birthday-I have yet to try it as life and Christmas got in the way. And he complains about me having a November birthday! Just give me a car with a big red bow on top and I'll be happy! ; )

  2. Okay, I've done my part.

    And I am still laughing about those bad nativities.