Monday, December 24, 2007

Gifts - Not just for Christmas

I think I'm a lucky, lucky person. I've been given and I have been able to give many gifts throughout my life. Some of the gifts I've been given have been wonderful and priceless. Of course, there are my parents, my husband, my kids, and my extended family, just to name a few. There are my friends, near and far. And I have more material gifts than anyone could ever ask for.

And as I write this blog post, the gift that comes to mind is the gift of having someone listen to me.

You guys have listened through my triumphs and my tears. You've giggled with me and groaned with me. You've consoled me and congratulated me and commiserated with me. And all because you took the time to pop over read my blog and really listen to what I've said.

So this Christmas I just want to say THANKS! And my Christmas wish for you is that the kindnesses you've shown to me come back to you tenfold.

Merry Christmas, gang!


  1. Merry Christmas, Lee.

  2. Thanks and right back at ya! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!
    Happy 2008!

  3. Hello! Found your blog from....umm, someone's blog but can't remember who now, lol. Sorry.

    Just wanted to stop by and say 'Hi'!

    Also, I'll not be sorry to see the back end of 2007 either. AND I made a similar post almost exactly the same about our Christmas ornaments this year (or last year, whatever). I'm totally loving your Ugli #1 though, what's not to love about that thing? lol