Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm feeling better today. Silly, silly me. The thing is - it seemed like such a good idea at the time.

I thought you might like a little Show and Tell today. I've photographed some of my older projects before, but I'm pretty certain that I've not shown you my older Christmas stitching. You know, from back in the days when I didn't work (well - have a paying job), and both kids took 2 hour naps in the afternoon, and were in bed for the night by around 8PM.

I thought of this because the Holly and Ivy sampler that I just completed made me remember older Christmas samplers, and then I was reminded that there was a time that I thought I could easily complete a Christmas sampler each year. It was a good thought...

So, here are two little samplers that I still love. Sorry for the sideways style of photography, but it's yet ANOTHER gloomy Pennsylvania day, with almost no natural light, and to photograph them straight on really puts glare on the glass. I believe that the first one was from a JCS magazine, and the second was a Stoney Creek book.

This was one of the shop models that I stitched for a long-gone store called The Thread Connection. I think it was a Leisure Arts design?

Later I discovered hardanger, and fell in love with this Cross N Patch design. You may have seen it before, and if you have, you'll see that the bottom of mine is wonky. It used to come to a lovely point, but one day if fell off the wall and the dog got to it and she chewed off the bottom kloster block. (Believe it or not, she's still alive and healthy and with us.) Anyway, I couldn't bear to throw it away, so I just squeezed some FrayCheck on the threads and re-hung it.

I also used to love stitching the TIAG free yearly angels. Then there were years that I wasn't hot on the design, and there were years that I just wasn't stitching. But I still put them up each Christmas, and the second photo is my favorite angel ever.

And that's it! I have to say that I always admire you guys who have stitched Christmas stockings. They're always fantastic, and I wonder if it's too late to stitch them for my family, now that the kids are getting ready to leave the nest. They're so big, though, it's a little daunting. Hmm. Have to give that some thought.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas designs! They are really lovely and I love your wall of angels. I mostly have cross stitched ornaments and of course have gifted people with more things than I own.
    Wait! I did stitch 'The Prairie Schooler' Santa with wildlife on a green aida which is cute and it's framed.

  2. Loved seeing your Christmas stitching treasures. What a great tradition.

  3. You've done a great job with all your Christmas stitching. Lovely framing on them too.