Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More adorableness! This gingerbreadman chart was a freebie that I came across from Cross Stitch Happy. Luckily I had the perfect piece of Christmas Green Jobelan in a scrap bag, and it was finished in almost no time. Oh - and I switched in a Crescent Colours thread (Old Oak) for the DMC 436.

And yes, I did reach my goal of mailing five Christmas cards yesterday. Sent christmas cards to:

a) Two of Dave's boyhood friends that send us photos and cards every year without fail. I really think that the guys write the letters, not the wives, and I think that's awesome. I love Dave, but he would be completely incapable of that.

b) My best friend from high school
c) My best friend from elementary school

d) The friends we visited in SC this past summer.

And today folks, I sent out two more. One to a friend that I went to college with, and another to a friend of Dave's, whose wife definately writes the letters. Look out, I'm on a roll.

Johnny called to say that he got the cookies I mailed him and that not a single one was broken. And that they were delicious. How that kid can put down three dozen cookies in one day....It's a good thing he runs a gazillion miles each day. I sent him our household favorite - chocolate chips. I threw in some of those pretzel/kiss/ peanut M&M treats for fun. And his Christmas favorite, Peanut butter Kisses.

My favorites aren't that sweet. My grandmother used to make cookies called Kiffles, and they weren't particularly sweet. Kind of like apricot horns, if you know what I mean. I could eat those like popcorn. You guys must have some favorites, too?


  1. WOO HOO!!! You go with your Christmas cards! That's awesome.

    There's no way my DH would write the letter either - he'd dump it off on me as the creative writer in the family. However, his dad is the one responsible for writing their letter every year - go figure. Especially since my MIL is far more chatty. I guess the Christmas letter is when Dad can really express himself.

    My favorite cookies are Oatmeal Lace cookies but they're a pain in the backside to make. They require an overnight soaking period, baking one tray at a time, and a quick rolling up of hot cookies before they cool and go brittle. Once they're rolled up over a wooden spoon similar to a cannoli shell, they have to finish cooling, and then they're packed in a tin container. Tupperware makes them soft. And they crumble easily. But they're SOOO good.

  2. Congratulations on mailing off seven Christmas cards. Congratulations on another cute finish. Can you send some of that productivity in my direction?

    My favorites are all chocolate related: chocolate no-bake cookies and homemade chocolate-covered peanut butter balls. Yummm...

  3. Good for you meeting your Christmas card goal. I don't send them any more, because I was always late!

    Your gingerbread man is just adorable. Love the thread color you used.