Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More hats!

Last night I stitched these up during the football game. I wish the camera or scanner could pick up the twinkle in the iridescent thread (Caron "Snow"), but I guess you'll just have to come over to see it.

The variegated thread colors are DMC 4220, 4100, and 4030. The single color threads are 3846, 725, and 3806. And I just grabbed any old grey to backstitch with. Choosing the threads is a no-brainer, though. And last night, no-brain was perfect for me.

C'mon. You have to come over. I've even baked!


  1. They're adorable. Congratulations.

  2. If I didn't have to get on a big plane tomorrow night, I'd so be there!

  3. Lee,
    I like what you did with Holly & Ivy and those hats are so cute!
    Take care

  4. Really cute! I like what you did.

  5. Would love to have this pattern but cannot find it on Floss Box...