Friday, December 07, 2007

We've had a snowy week, and while it's been kind of pretty, it has kept me in and off the roads for the past 5 days. No running makes Lee a cranky girl. So I'm starting to look at treadmills. Treadmill running can be deadly boring, but so is my ancient Nordic Track in the basement, and that doesn't even come close to feeling like running.

I guess I just like to run. I like to space out and go, and snowy running has me paying constant attention to where I'm putting my feet and it's just not fun.

I didn't stitch anything today. I re-framed Drawn Thread's Spot of Winter that got wet a couple of years ago when we had a minor leak in the living room. I just now got around to washing it and remounting it. The frame was still fine, but somewhere along the line I've lost the little snowflake charm that came with it. Oh well. It's one of those things that sat on my shelf for two years and each time I'd see it I'd decide to just leave it there because I knew where it was. It figures that when I'd actually go looking for it, it would disappear!

And I organized a big box of Christmas fabric, ribbon, and felt. When I looked for fabric to finish that gingerbread man ornament, I was pretty bummed out to see what a mess I had made of that box.

I recently read a blog post about someone buying somebody else's cross stitch stash. It was through an estate sale or something? I wish I could remember where I read it and more of the details...but the long and short of it was: If someone were to come and go through your cross stitch things, what would they learn about you?

I'm afraid that you all would learn that I'm kind of a slob.

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