Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who am I kidding? I really love this kid.

It's been one of those days of spending 12 hours in the car. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little bit, but it was positively eleven hours.

Drove to Meadville this morning to pick up John. Stopped at Elite Runners Shop and the Grove City Outlets and did some serious damage to the shopping list. And the credit card.

Got to Allegheny to pick up John. He was more or less packed, but his room needed some serious cleaning. Stripped the bed, hauled out the laundry, swept up the floors, put out the trash, emptied and wiped out the fridge, and packed the car. Sadly, no time to stop at the Fly-tying/Cross Stitch shop.

Drove back to Elite Runners because I had forgotten something. What should have been 10 seconds of shopping turned into for-almost-ever because of bumper to bumper traffic and a son that loves to gab with shopowners.

Then made a completely useless trip to Washington PA because I thought they had a Sharper Image Store there, but NOOOO. It was a hair salon. Yes. Called The Sharper Image. See, I had called John from the road to ask him to go online and look up Sharper Image stores in Pennsylvania. Instead of finding the Sharper Image site and looking for store locations, he just went to Google maps, found one, and gave me the address. Only this place didn't sell massage chairs and weather stations. (Or the coin sorter that was the one and only gift that Dave has asked for for Christmas) It was a GD hair salon. Sigh. I knew it was too easy to be true.

Had dinner on the road. Oh - and had to spend the entire drive home from Meadville listening to really bad music from the little darlin's IPOD. For God's sake, when did he start listening to Journey and Kansas, two groups that I hate with a white-hot hate??? (Goes way back to MY college days. Don't ask.)

And now I'm home and being begged to play Rock Band.

This is why some species eat their young.


  1. "This is why some species eat their young."

    OMG! LOL! You would love to read my dissertation. ;)

  2. LOL! You are absolutely hysterical!

  3. Don't eat the young until you see what you get for Christmas!!

  4. That's why my offspring has a means of transportation!