Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another good reason to hide your scissors.

Forget that you don't want your family opening wire-wrapped packages with your favorite sewing scissors. Forget that they want to open cans with your lovely little and expensive collectible scissors. I mean, we all know that those are pretty good reasons to hide your scissors. But then there's this:
When you go into your fabric stash to find a piece of fabric and well, well, well. Here's one that's the right color and the right count, but one of your children has decided that they need a piece of it. And for some ungodly reason they don't need a corner of it. They need the very middle of it.

What the heck. If I had hidden the scissors, they might have gnawed it out with their teeth. Sometimes you just can't figure.


  1. That is bizarre. I am astounded and nearly rendered speechless by this.

    When we were growing up, we knew if there was a piece of fabric tied around the scissors' finger holes, you hunted until you found the paper scissors. And we always asked before we cut up fabric. (My mom was a quilter; she mostly said yes.)

  2. That is clearly beating-worthy.

  3. And everyone is still alive in your house? Someone wouldn't be in mine, even if it was me from a heart attack
    PS Hubby learned very quickly when I made him buy my replacement Ginghers after he used the previous ones to cut wire...

  4. We were also trained to ask before cutting Mom's fabric and not without the prerequisite: "DON'T CUT OUT OF THE MIDDLE!!!!!" so this must be quite common.
    She always hid her good fabric scissors; I do the same & keep the "wire cutters" in the kitchen catch-all drawer.
    I know all this doesn't make you feel any better. If this problem occurs frequently, maybe you could make your point by cutting (or biting) one piece out of the middle of their sandwich for school lunch.
    Kind of reminds me of a bad hardanger nightmare.

  5. How frustrating!

    Why would they want a piece of cross stitch fabric to begin with? That is the great mystery.

  6. Huh???? A piece of cross stitch fabric and they had to have the MIDDLE!!!! What is up with that? Isn't it the same all around? Kids!!!! I would love to know who did it and what possessed them to take just the middle. LOL I hope the mystery gets solved someday but I highly doubt it. No one will ever confess to breaking the tip of my most favorite scissors. (They were obviously dropped but there was no hard floor near my stitching spot at our old house)

  7. Annoying but just a teeny bit funny :-). My DH will use my scissors if I leave them around so I hide them. He also likes to play with the fobs, what's up with that?

    Thank you for posting a comment to my blog about Shelby. I hadn't been to your blog before. I've added you to my list "-).

  8. I would be annoyed, but I would also laugh.