Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Sigh. Not much news to tell you here. I'm making decent progress on the actual tree part of Tree of Life, despite the screwiness of the chart. It helps that the tree is symettrical. So all it takes is a little thought on my part. Hah.

I'm working on a "blue" exchange block, too. It's been fun, given my attraction to monochromatic designs anyway!

And I'm feeling a little blue. Took down the Christmas decorations over the weekend, although I left up some lights and snowmen and women. Even putting away the ugly stuff is a little sad. And I'll be taking John back to school this Sunday. It's been nice to have him home, and I know I'll miss him all over again when he's gone. We won't be seeing as much of him over the winter, what with Meadville's crazy weather and all.

We're having some fantastic temperatures today, which would be great for running, but just before the New Year I sprained my ankle. I wasn't paying attention to my footing during a run, stepped halfway off the road and over-pronated it, then just kept on running on it for 3 days until it was good and painful. What a freakin' idiot. And now I'm in a brace and support hose, and forced to take off at least two weeks. Not only do I miss the running part, but now I have to watch what I eat, and my body feels like it's going into shock after spending a holiday season eating lots of sugar and fat and all that other deliciousness.

Well, now that I've thoroughly depressed you all....I think it's time to go make people in my real life miserable, too.


  1. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sorry about your ankle. Can't wait to see your progress on the Tree of Life and the blue piece.

  3. Think there's a lot of the blues going around. It's awful that you've sprained your ankle. Do take care and let it heal. :)