Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm still in Payroll Land

But I'm almost done. This year I seem to have more end-of-the-year kinks to iron out than usual, but then again, I've had a very unusual year. It's safe to say that my mind wasn't always in a working place during the end of October, and if I made mistakes...well, it's not tragic. A pain in the butt, yes, but tragedy? No.

It's been a busy week all the way around. Colleen had a doc's appointment in Pittsburgh this Monday, so I let her drive all the way there, which was 50 miles of highway and city driving. I managed to keep my stress level under control, and it paid off because by the end of the drive she was driving confidently. Her test is scheduled for this Tuesday. Keep all of your fingers crossed for her, OK?

No stitching so far this week. I've been working solid till suppertime, (don't even get to see Judge Judy, which totally sucks) and I've been in bed pretty darned early. I just seem to be exhausted by 9PM.

But I've been saving some more of these Prom gems for you. Believe it or not, these are all from the same catalog. And before you read on, I do want to say that I seem to pick on this redhead a lot, but she really is stunningly beautiful in other photos. I just think the photographer uses her terribly, and if I were her I'd take some of that angst and knock his/her block off.

"You've got to be kidding. Aside from the obvious fact that this black dress makes my hair and skin look completely artificiial, and aside from the fact that the cut is rather Morticia-like, you've put me in a photo with two other girls wearing the exact same dress! And evidently all of the crotch area glitter is making my friend in red over there very itchy. So look at my face. I'm getting annoyed. Please... get me out of here."
"Oh ho. Oh Boy. Really funny. I'll bet you thought you had me fooled. I'll bet you were all, "Sure, just change the dress and give her a nicer color, and she'll never know she's wearing the same dress as the other girls...AGAIN!" But I'm on to your little tricks. And you've even moved me to the back of the photo. Did you think I wouldn't notice from back here?

So now I'm really peeved. C'mon guys. I'm through being Miss Nice Model. Now get me a different dress before I open up a big can of whoop-ass.

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  1. ROFL Lee. What a way to start my blog reading. LOL What is it with those drapey dresses? Is that really the style coming out for teenage girls? Don't they know that teenage girls do not want to look "fluffy" and the second dress picture makes their hips look a teensy bit wider. DS had a dance last week and while not a totally formal (it was the Snow Ball and a semi-formal), the girls dresses were not drapey or Mortitia like at all. Like I said in my last comments, I am glad I have a few more years before DD starts having to look at prom dresses.