Friday, January 11, 2008

Talking clothes

I'm plagued by talking clothes.

Every night, whatever I'm wearing seems to yell at me. It starts at different times each evening, and usually it begins with my blue jeans. They scream, "Hey, give us a rest! Off, off, off!" My legs and rear are usually saying the same thing. And usually I listen to them. I go upstairs, put on my pajamas, and everyone and everything seems to quiet down.

The problem comes when I've put on a few extra pounds. Clothes that were usually quiet until 9 or 10PM start to give me lip earlier and earlier. At the beginning of last week, it seemed to start in the afternoon. After dinner in the evening, the screeching was almost unbearable. Some days I was in my pajamas while I was cooking dinner, which is downright embarrassing when somebody drops by the house and I have to excuse myself to go put on real pants. (Oh. And a bra. But perhaps that's TMI. Don't make a face. You know you do it, too.)

So I'm back to Weight Watchers again and journaling and points and all of that fun. It's been a week now, and my clothes are still yelling, but they're not as insistent.

But this cloud has a silver lining, because I've treated myself to a new pan. Jeez, that sounds kind of pathetic, but I've been looking at grill pans for the past few months and I've talked myself out of buying one each time. I've gotta say - it's terrific. So far I've cooked chicken breasts and tilapia in it, and my family has been very happy. It's not as good as cooking on a real outdoor grill, but it's still pretty darn good. Cleanup is a snap. Why did I wait so long to buy this?

Thanks guys for all the well-wishes about my silly ankle. It's on the mend, and I was able to go for a nice walk the other day - about 2 miles with my brace on. A few twinges, but nothing major. Over the weekend I plan to try a run/walk with it, but I certainly won't try and "run through" any pain. So we'll see.

I finished this little sampler last night. It's for a block exchange in my favorite Yahoo group, and our theme was "Blue". I used another free chart from the incredibly talented Emily. I don't usually like freebies that much, but I just love her stuff. I used DMC 4240, and it has a bit more purple than I might have liked for a blue exchange, but I still think it fits the bill well enough.

So now I'm going back to that crazy tree...


  1. Thanks for that link to Emily. Am I the last person on earth to find her stuff?

  2. Emily is so wonderfully talented :)
    Yours is beautiful!!

  3. I'm always on the lookout for new kitchen things (much to DH's chagrin). What kind of grill pan did you get? I've been thinking about one that Alton Brown had - cast iron with a removable handle so you can start on the stovetop and move to the oven to finish.

  4. Very cute freebie!

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one with "talking" clothes :)