Monday, January 28, 2008

Who put the tree...

In the Tree of Life, baby?? I did!

I promised myself that I'd finish that tree over the past weekend, and I did it. Mostly. I actually finished it during my lunchbreak today. There was a moment of panic while I was stitching and taping the chart pages together and guess-timating which stitches had been left off the chart. I realized that if I hadn't guessed correctly, the tree would be wonky and I'd be screwed. But fate must have been smiling on me Sunday, because it all came out perfectly. Or maybe it was my dad. This Sunday's mass was for my dad, and if anybody was a meticulous hobbyist, it was him.
So here it is - The Tree in the Tree of Life.

Unfortunately, I wasn't as accurate with the top alphabet. Who would have guessed that there should be an "I" between the "H" and "J"? Where was my head? Looks like I have some ripping to do. But really - it feels minor after finishing that darn tree. And then I'll put this away for a little while and work on some little, cruise-friendly stuff. Maybe an ornament or two, and I have another block exchange in the works, and several little LHN charts.

This time next week we'll be boarding a ship in Miami.

Hm. I've just finished a complicated part of a BAP, and I'm packing summer clothes into a suitcase in the month January...Can I be any more blessed?


  1. Wow! Congratulations on finishing the tree. It looks great.

  2. I love the tree! The colors and detail are fabulous!

  3. What a beautiful piece this is. The tree looks fantastic.

  4. The tree looks great! Just be glad you found the missing letter now while you can still fix it - I have one hanging on my wall w/o the 'L'. I stitched, washed, stretched, framed and hung it without catching it. #2 son pointed it out after it had been hanging a couple of weeks. I just have to live with it since I would have to rip half the thing out to fix it, then it wouldn't fit the frame. I just call it a Christmas Sampler - No 'L'.

  5. I have no idea what this design is, but it is very pretty. I love the colors you are using. Congratulations on finishing the tree. :)

  6. Lovely stiching! :)

  7. Is this a Jan Houtman design? Looks like it. You are doing a masterful job and those colors help to make it so. It is really impressive and the tree is such a focal point. Exemplary work. Congratulations, you deserve it.