Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Too much to do, and too little time! But I managed to squeeze this finish in over the weekend:

It's for the Bride's Tree SAL, and it's from a JCS ornament issue (1998). The designer was Needle and I. I switched out the DMC 221 and used one of those new dark red DMC variegated threads instead.

Now...I would love to scan and send a few more "interesting" prom fashion pages, but those pesky employees insist that it's payday so I have to get cracking.

See you tomorrow, I hope!


  1. Lee, I love the finish. I like the red color you picked out. Very cool!!

    I am looking forward to the next installment of prom dress shopping. LOL I laugh now but I know in a few short years I will not be laughing. :)

  2. Very pretty ornament! And your prom gown captions were a hoot!

  3. cute design and have just had so much fun reading your previous entry. ha ha ha. xxx

  4. What a beautiful finish. I love the colour you used for the house.

    Loved reading your previous post!

  5. The DMC red you used is awesome. Great choice. It is a cute design, & well executed. Your stitching spirit has been revived. Congratulations on another lovely finish.