Friday, February 29, 2008

2 Hearts

February was Heart month for the Brides Tree SAL, and I finished my heart a couple of days ago. It's a freebie from Tokens and Trifles, (lots of nice free charts available.)

I stitched it in a variegated pink/burgundy DMC, using one strand of floss and one strand of a DMC pink "pearlescent effects" thread. Since it's supposed to be for a Christmas tree, I wanted it to have some glitter, but this combo did't shine the way I had hoped it would. I think two strands of floss with some glittery blending filament would have been better.

It shines a little in real life, but not at all for the camera, despite playing with the lighting and flash and so on. So I'm a little disappointed, but as dear Jennifer pointed out, the glitz can come when I finish it. Glittery cording, adding a glittery button or charm, or something like that should liven it up and then I'll be happier.

This second heart was part of a "blue" exchange in my Yahoo group. The exchange coordinator must have been a mind reader, because this block was totally up my alley as far as designs go. And to make it even better, it was stitched by my camp friend, Julie, so it's even more special to me.

In my first house, I had a blue and white kitchen, and I decorated with lots of plates and tiles, and other blue and white accessories. When we moved to this house, the blue and white scheme just didn't work. (This house uses lots more wood, and I've decorated with reds and greens.) Over the years I've missed my blue and white kitchen, and this heart makes me think of it.

When I retire, my folding, one-level Barbie house kitchen will be blue and white. Since I'll be adding my kitchen onto this, I can make it whatever color I like!


  1. Hi Lee! You've done a great job and I am so sorry that you are alittle disappointed at the results of your work. Can I give you a little piece of advice? If you want to make your design pop up, play around with p la i n trim of pink and burgundy colors and see which of them you like better, just the same way as your friend did with the blue heart.
    And if you want your pretty floss glitter 100%, I would stitch the following way: first make half crosses with your main DMC floss (////)and make second part of crosses with your pretty floss (xxxx).Will be happy if this will help you a little.

  2. Very pretty hearts! I think that some sparkle in the finishing will set it off perfectly :)