Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Amazing Trip!

What can I say about this cruise? It was the most fun I've ever had on a vacation...EVER! I'm so glad that my dear, dear husband came up with this idea and convinced me to go. (Sometimes I'm a real stick-in-the-mud) Evidently I've kept him around for 25 years for some pretty good reasons. However, why on earth he puts up with me...well, that's a puzzle.

Start with all of the perks of a winter cruise - Fantastic meals, warm and beautiful days followed by gorgeous sunsets, sparkling clean cabins, excellent service, and new and beautiful islands to visit. Then add the music!

Imagine seeing your favorite perfomers in very intimate settings. For six nights we were entertained by the amazing musical talents of Lyle Lovett, EmmyLou Harris, John Hiatt, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Brandi Carlisle. They all played in the main theatre of the ship, but if you know about cruise ships, you know how small those venues are. And then there were bonus shows played in rooms the size of your favorite small neighborhood bar. And from time to time you'd catch a glimpse of your favorite performer stopping by the piano in the casino and just breaking into song.

Lyle Lovett and his Large Band absolutely took my breath away. EmmyLou Harris radiated talent and kindness. Shawn Colvin really took me by surprise - and she was wonderful. And those were only the headliners. We found some new (to us) musicians to love. There was Gaelic Storm, (positively rocked), David Ryan Harris (sexy fellow), Edwin McCain and Buddy Miller (two old favorites and always fantastic), and the mellow Earl Klugh.

There were lots of "Open Mic" days, with the winner playing a short set the following day. Dave and I were floored by the amount of talent on the ship. Just ordinary people like you and me, who carried their guitars onboard and just sat down to play. It was incredible.

We met some really interesting people - it a very diverse group, with people from all over the US and Canada. And we learned a lot about the music industry that we didn't know before.

And now for the photos. Sorry - you MUST sit through these!

This is us in our hotel room in Miami. I was playing with the timer setting on the camera.
See the ship in the background?

The view leaving Miami

Dave onboard during our first day at sea.

Cozumel! Margaritas! Tacos! Guacamole!

Dave loved shopping at Grand Cayman....not.

That's our boat over Dave's shoulder!

Jamaica. I'd like to go back. Just not to Ocho Rios.

Our last night onboard. Lots of laughs at dinner that night. A perfect way to end a fantastic trip!


  1. Oh. Wow.

    I'm speechless. The pictures! The Happy faces! The MUSIC! I'm so glad you had such a whale of a time, Lee!

  2. Nothing like BIG FUN! Yay. Happy birthdays and anniversaries and everything.

  3. Looks like you had fun! I'd say Welcome back, but I suspect you might be wishing just a little that you were still cruising those warm Carribean waters!

  4. glad you had fun, everyone needs to do this once in a while.
    I love cruieses.


  5. It sounds like you had an awesome time! Did you go on a special music cruise, or was that just who the had onboard for that trip? I'm thinking about going on a cruise this year, so I was just wondering :)

  6. It does look like the trip of a lifetime! You look so happy and relaxed. Maybe you'll do this every year or so? I like the idea of musicians on the cruise. Shawn Colvin is great (as are the others), but she's performed with James Taylor.

  7. It looks and sounds like you had the most fantastic time!