Monday, February 25, 2008

College boy, Cleaning and Cooking

Johnny College came home for the weekend, meaning that on Friday I drove the three hours to Meadville in snow and ice. It wasn't awful, but it was bad enough. Then I drove back with him on Sunday. I was glad to let him drive there, and I only had to drive back, so I wasn't quite so burned out Sunday evening.

Of course, Friday was spent eating out. Then on Saturday I made his favorite meal - Chicken Pot Pie and mashed potatoes. Followed by a fabulous pineapple upside down cake. I love pineapple upside down cake, and I hadn't made it in years.

Here's the funny thing - this child complained constantly about my cooking for all of his high school years. Now that he's in college, he thinks I'm the best cook on earth. And even says "Thank you, that was great." when the meal is over.

Saturday I spent the day at my friend's house, where we cleaned and decluttered even more. I was up and down a ladder all day, mostly washing walls.

Did I mention that she lives in a log cabin? An old log cabin? Now, it's a cool cabin, and I know there are people who love log cabins, but now I know for certain that I will never, ever live in one. Well, unless I can afford a maid to clean weekly and even do heavy cleaning each month. They are a dust-catching, drafty, and labor-intensive monsters. That's in my humble opinion. If you love the style and can deal with the upkeep, more power to ya.

Anyway...I'm sure she'll be glad to be rid of the place. It never suited her well. It's much more the ex-husband's style.

As for me, I think when I'm ready to sell this house, I'm going to look for something like the Barbie house I had back in 1970,

I was pretty whooped each night, but I managed to finish a small block for an exchange with my Yahoo group:That's a Shepherd's Bush freebie from 1993.

Now I need to finish my February Brides Tree Ornament, then I'll back to my little house. Just in case your inquiring mind wanted to know.


  1. Oh, now your the second person I've seen stitch up this cute SB's pattern...what a cutie it is! LOVE IT and you know Sheep are my motif of choice! LOL!

    Must be something in the air about cooking, because my husband told me all weekend that I have "really been spot on" the last 4 meals I cooked...LOL!

  2. Enjoy your son's visit home.

    Love the SB ... it's adorable.

  3. Love your sheep block! It's so cute.