Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm still working on my heart for the Brides Tree SAL. It's such a simple design, but the threads are making it a little harder. (I'm using some of that Opalescent thread by DMC,) If I take a proper lunch break, I should be done today, which would be great because then I can take a daylight photo.

Hmm. Finish my ornament or....shovel more freakin' snow??!! Can it be that our cruise was only two weeks ago?

This week's SBQ really spoke to me, so here goes:

What is your cross stitch weakness? (i.e., What do you have to have when you see it, even if you are supposed to be on the Wagon?)

I'd have to say that I've developed three weaknesses. And some of them are YOUR fault, you crazy bloggers out there. But most of it them are my own.

My first weakness is for threads. I love to buy threads, and even if I go to a shop and say to myself that I will buy ONLY this or that leaflet/book/kit, I will always leave with at least a half dozen new threads. I just can't stop. Which is really odd because I remember when I first began blogging, I wrote a post full of righteous indignation about the extra expense designers were putting us through when they used only overdyeds and variegated threads. And now I'm totally hooked. Happily hooked.

My second weakness is for needlework tools. I'd top that list with magnets. Pretty soon all metal household objects will be migrating towards my sewing desk. Is it new? I'll probably buy it. Is it pretty? I'll absolutely buy it. Next on the tools list would be needles. What the heck, if you're going to walk out of the store with six new threads, you might as well buy some new needles, too. And what's the point of the magnets if you don't have needles? You see how the whole thing works?

But when it comes to tools, here's the one I can blame on you all. Scissors. Oh, don't act all innocent and wide-eyed with me. You all post those photos of your finishes and WIP's and of stash hauls and you always sneak a pair of scissors into the picture somehow. You know it kills me. And then I start squirreling away money and saving up because I must have those scissors. Gaudy colors, pewter, gold, stainless steel. New, antique, modern. French, German, Italian. It's more than a weakness. It's an obsession.

And now I had better stop writing about it, or else I'll start raiding Dave's change box. Hm. Where is he keeping that thing these days?


  1. Isn't that the worst part about going on a sunny vacation in the middle of horrible winter? It doesn't actually make surviving any easier. Totally counterintuitive.

    Wow. I don't even buy scissors when I think, where did those old scissors go? I need a pair now! I just raid the travel project bag. I'm so lazy...

  2. I too am a victim of the overdyed threads. The first time I used them, I thought, seriously, WHAT is the big deal? And then I discovered there were some really pretty overdyeds and it all fell apart from there. Yes, there are still some colors that don't really need to be done in overdyeds, but you get me a nice subtle varigation and I am all over that.