Wednesday, February 20, 2008


There still isn't much going on around here. At least nothing fun or exciting or, I'm sorry to say, even remotely interesting. If it bores me, and if I write about it, I'm certain it'll bore the pants off you. So hold tight to those knickers.

Let's see. Monday I took a test to get a certificate for my notary application. One of my employers, (our HOA) became very insistent that I become a notary public. I really didn't want to do it, but they agreed to pay for the whole thing, and since I want to keep that job...

Yesterday I spent the late afternoon helping my local best friend get her house ready to put on the market. That was a complete bummer. Not the cleaning part, but facing the reality that my closest local friend is moving. Ah well, I've always been able to find therapy in a bucket of warm water and Murphy's Soap, and that's just what we did. So she decluttered and packed and I washed and wiped. We accomplished a lot, including making the kitchen sparkle and doing some major cleaning in the living room. The Ex-husband, (who by-the-way will get 1/2 of the house proceeds), has made it clear that he refuses to lift a finger. Complete ass-hat.

Today is sales tax day. Par-tay, right? Woo hoo.

But before I rush off to that, I'll show you my recent stitching. Here's the rough stitching of my house for my Souvenir Sampler.I'm using this as a guide for the actual house that I'm stitching in the sampler, and I started on that last night. I'll add a few more details, like somethings that will look like flowers, and if I'm really ambitious, maybe other stuff.

And if you're curious, here's my actual house: I know the roofline in my stitching is a bit off...but I wanted it to fit in the space it's given in the sampler. So this works for me.

Okee Dokee. See you next time.


  1. I think your friend should have hired cleaners and then deducted half the expense from the husband's proceeds. I'm sure the lawyers would accept this. In fact, write her a bill.

    I think your house looks great! I just went with what they had and even used a random color that was already in the palette rather than match it to the house. I suck.

  2. Your stitched house looks great.

    I agree with Anna, deduct the expense of cleaning from the house sale.

  3. This is really sweet! My uncle has one of his house, but in applique-interesting. My house is a ranch house, not a lot of fun architectural details.