Sunday, March 02, 2008

Me and My Sewing Machine

It's all in how you treat it. Cursing and kicking it doesn't help.

Re-reading the directions? Yup. I was being too sloppy about threading it. But I corrected my sloppy ways and then it was smooth sailing.

So after I made the green needleroll, I thought that I should take advantage of the good vibes between me and my machine and I kept going.

On Saturday it went like this:

Here's a kit for a flange pillow that I bought back in December. I had bought it because I loved the fabrics, and I knew it had needlework finishing possibilities. I was really hoping to make a dent in my pile of stitched but unfinished projects.

And then that kind of morphed into this (Feed the Birds by The Needle and I):

But wait, I wasn't done! By Sunday I knew that this (from a really old Vanessa Ann chart) would only take minutes:

Let me tell you, these things were ever-so-happy to see the light of day. Feed the Birds is from 1995. But the little girls? I actually finished that on June 20, 1991. How do I know? It was the day after I had Colleen, and I was in the hospital.

So there it was, Sunday afternoon, and there were still some hours left to the weekend, and I thought I'd squeeze in a couple more finishes. First up is LK's Very Best Dad that I changed to "Son" back in 2005:

It's done in pinkeep style, and my cording is wonky, but John won't care. I skipped the step of actually stitching the front to the back. I only glued the front to the back, and it left too much space along the edges. So the cording didn't lay quite right. I learned that doing the hand stitching is worth the time.

Finally, this little egg had been laying around since 1992.

I'll tell you, it was a really good feeling, having a weekend at home and having all of those things come together so easily. I know that I'll have only a couple more of those weekends. In fact, maybe only one. John comes on on March 15, then it's Easter, then I'm going to Philly the next weekend, and then soccer season begins. So I'll probably be putting everything away again soon.

And I'll probably forget how to thread my machine correctly....again.


  1. Wow! Look at all those finishes. They all look great, too. I'm soooooo jealous.

  2. Woo hoo woman! Look at you! These all turned out great.
    I finished a turkey wreath a few years back I had started in 1987 after I had my gallbladder out! That's old.

  3. You were on a roll with all of those finishes, they are gorgeous.

  4. WELL! What a set of beautiful finishes you've done here!!! And all more beautiful than the first!!!! CONGRATS :) love the feed the birds pillow...honestly - do you have my address ;)

  5. Those are great!

    Almost makes me want to use my sewing machine more.....or maybe not. LOL

  6. Congrats on so many beautiful finishes! Can you come over and show me how to use my sewing machine???

  7. What a productive weekend! I'm impressed with your pillows. What a great idea.

  8. I just love the pillows that you have made and a lot of your other needlework on this blog. This is my first time here ala feeling stitchy blog.

  9. What a productive weekend! I love it when that happens. My fav is the Feeding the Birds pillow. Got here through feeling stitchy as well!