Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Moving along

I wanted to finish one more project before I went back to stitching. So Monday night I put together this Easter Bird from Heart in Hand that I had stitched in 2006. He's finished as a no-sew pinkeep, and I didn't even make a terrible mess with the glue. Actually, no-sew isn't exactly accurate, because I hand-stitched the front to the back. I think that makes for a nice finish overall. It just lays together better.

So here's the front:
The Side:
And the backThe back fabric is pretty old. It's scrap leftover from an friend's maternity dress, and her son is 23 and married now. We were in a quilting group years ago, and I needed some purples (which were hard to find back in the "earth tone" days), and she gave me about a quarter yard.

The colors are far from accurate, but living in the Land of Dark, Windy Snow Clouds Where There is Little Natural Light doesn't make for nice photographs.

I went to Yoga for the first time in almost a year. Yes - there it is. Almost a year. But there's no use crying over spilled milk, so I'm just glad that I got to go last night and I look forward to this Spring session.

Last night my upper body got tired really quickly. Things that I breezed through easily a year ago were very difficult for me. And today all of the muscles in my arms, upper back and neck are whining. I know that the whining is telling me that I absolutely need to keep going.

I'm getting excited for our anniversary party - I've been working on getting lodging reservations for my family - I can't manage 12 extra people here at the house. I still haven't arranged the caterer yet... I had better get on that or else all they'll get is a giant wedge of cheese and some crackers.


  1. Very nice finish!

    Glad you made it back to yoga. Love that exercise ache :-).

  2. Pretty pinkeep.
    You should definitely work on some crazy quilt projects again!

  3. Very cute pinkeep, and that really looks like the perfect backing fabric ;)