Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Other things in my life that I haven't talked about lately

Spring soccer season starts in just two weeks. I've been running and walking and trying to get my ankle in shape again before I have to head out to the fields. (I had a pretty bad sprain back at the end of December) The surfaces can be pretty uneven.

Actually, I had thought about taking a season off, but that was only a fleeting thought. I love working in-house Saturday soccer. Five or six quick and small-sided games are very do-able. The kids are happier and the coaches are less cut-throat. Sunday soccer - well, that's another story. Still - every now and then you get an Atta-girl and then it doesn't seem so bad.

Now I need to decide if I want to try PIAA high school games. We'll see how Spring soccer pans out. But I hear that if I'm available to do Jr. High games, I could probably get games every day of the week. That's because they play so early in the day, and it's difficult to get referees that early.

John comes home for his spring break this Friday. It looks like we'll be spending significant time at the docs next week, because he's having knee problems again. The trainer at his college thinks it's a strain or tear of a ligament in his knee. Luckily I was able to schedule an appointment for him with the doc who did his IT band surgery three years ago. The poor kid. His track season is shot, and if this problem is serious, he may not be able to run cross country next fall, either. I'll be glad to see the doctor and get whatever tests he needs and get some answers. Not knowing is hardest.

Dave leaves for his yearly golf trip this Saturday. As usual, I'll miss him, but he really needs to go and to tell the truth I look forward to this week. I usually get a lot done, but this time, I'm not so sure. I've been so darn tired lately. For instance, I spent Saturday house-cleaning, but by 2PM I was exhausted. I actually catnapped on the couch for about a half hour. That's not me. I never sleep during the day.

This time change deal isn't helping any, either.

Plans are starting to come together for our anniversary/birthday party over Memorial Day weekend! I've got to start making my invitations. We're inviting all of old our friends, our wedding party, our families, and all of our current friends. So many of them are from out of town...What do you think - a "save the date" postcard to go out at the end of March and then invitations later in April? Or am I making too big a deal of this?

Well, I know that I promised to finish that darned house last night, and I hate to welch on a promise, but I was too pooped. Maybe today?

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  1. Just letting you know I am sending good thoughts your way. Take care of yourself.