Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There's no stitching going on here.

Well, precious little stitching anyway.

My weekend company (John's GF) arrived Friday and left Sunday. She's a nice young woman and I like her a lot. My son acts like a ninny sometimes though. I want to smack him in the head.

Sunday evening we went to dinner and then over to Colleen's indoor soccer game. (for a rec league) It was the first time I had seen any of the other soccer parents since Colleen told the high school coach that she wouldn't be playing next year. It was a hard decision for her, especially after being named team captain, and of course, leaving the team meant that she turned down the captain position, too. After some soul searching, she decided to focus on cross country because she enjoyed it more and had a really successful year last year. And I have no doubt that the cross country coach will name her girls' team captain. So if she hadn't quit the soccer team, that would have meant she was on two teams in the same season that demanded a lot of physical commitment AND leadership responsibilities. She would have run herself into the ground. Really - it was a good decision. Last year was hard enough without the captain responsiblities.

So Sunday evening was a little weird...I felt like the other parents sort of kept me at arms length. I think some of them are taking it personally. You know how odd people can be. I guess I'll just have to clear the air in my usual pleasant way.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in Pittsburgh with John because we to see the doc about his knee. Between the appointment and then the MRI, we were on the road from 7AM until 4PM. That was one looooong day. (should have the results tomorrow)

Went out to dinner with some other "golf widows", and in fact we were a bunch of merry widows, and spent our dinner talking and laughing. It was a fun evening. Came home and stitched for about 30 minutes before my eyes quit on me.

Today promises to be busy, too. So I had better get to it...

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  1. Oh goodness it did sound busy! But I think I would have loved to had supper with you and the ladies ;)