Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Birthdays are the greatest. People send you the nicest things, like cards, emails, notes, and even - - - really thoughtful presents! Sometimes it's interesting how someone can know exactly what to send, even though you haven't known them for years and years.

So that brings me to this wonderful package that I received from Julie, fellow Yahoo group member and Camp Wannasew buddy.

That's two - yes, two tins of Whitman's chocolates. I'm not showing the insides because. Um. Well, Who says you can't have chocolate for breakfast? Just a couple pieces.

I wonder if she knows that I carry my own emergency teabags in my purse? Do any of you do that, too? But because of all of the kids' sports, it seems that I'm always near (if not working in) a concession stand and the coffee is notoriously bad and I'm not big on hot chocolate. So I always carry my own teabags, and now I'll have my own coffee packets, too. How did she know?

There's some adorable soccer ribbon, and folks, what would a birthday be without a noisemaker?

Thanks Julie! I'm so honored that you remembered my birthday in this special way!

Here's something I bought with my birthday $$. Like I said, I love the gadgets. It's a threadholder from Bloom Woodworks

And I'm still looking at fabrics. So many choices!
Have a great day, gang!


  1. Happy b-day!!! Fantastic goodies, lucky you!

  2. Happy, happy birthday! 50 is the new 30, yep, that's what I heard and I'm sticking with that. : )
    Great gifts too.

  3. Happy Birthday! What an awesome gift! Enjoy your goodies. I love the thread holder!

  4. Happy Birthday - you got lovely gifts! :)