Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can you see it?

Those hunks of white in the air? Here it is, April 29. And it's snowing.

Saturday we absolutely cooked at the County Track Meet where it was 85 degrees and sunny by 10AM.

I just hope my pansies survive.


  1. Weird weather for sure!
    Your pansies should be fine, they actually like a bit of a chill in the air. When it gets too hot, they bolt.

  2. Wow is that usual for where you live?

  3. Please tell me the white stuff is gone. I'll be driving through your neck of the woods tomorrow on my way to western NY. I do NOT need any white stuff.

  4. Snow in late April is not so fun. :( Hope it gets nicer there!

  5. Hi Lee
    I love your blog!
    It's been quite cold here where I live too! We are in Rockland County, NY (by the Tappan Zee Bridge). The last few nights it has gone below freezing. So much for starting my tomatoes early!

  6. We had snow all morning and then it turned to rain all afternoon. Supposed to be more of the same tomorrow. The strangest thing today was having near white out snow coming down and hearing birds outside singing!!!