Monday, April 21, 2008

Colleges, colleges, colleges

Now it's for the search with Kiddo Number Two. We went on our second college visit last Friday, this time to Allegheny College. Conveniently, it's where we send Kiddo Number One.

You would think that a visit there wouldn't be necessary, but I've found that since Colleen is looking for a completely different major than John, (she's somewhere between English and "undecided"), these visits involve completely different questions. Besides, I don't want her to rely on our perception of a school as she makes her decisions. She needs to see schools from her own point of view. So off we went.

Allegheny gave a wonderful, wonderful presentation. The director of admissions gave a great rundown of the programs and opportunities at Allegheny, AND gave the kids lots of things to think about as they navigate this whole college decision process. Colleen came away not only impressed with Allegheny, but very excited about attending college in general. Before this, she had been pretty blase about the whole thing. Now I'm starting to see some sparks! Absolutely exciting! Thanks to that presentation, she's taking more of an active interest in visiting colleges, and that's much better than dragging her disinterested self all over the place. I think we'll have a busy summer.

Then she went off on a campus tour and I met Johnny for some early room-packing. We packed up his winter gear, so that's one less load of stuff to haul home in May, and believe me, there was enough to fill my station wagon. Then we all met up for our free lunch (most schools give you the free lunch deal. Pretty nice!) and Colleen and I started for home.

Saturday morning I worked 4 short in-house soccer games. I love those "Under 10" kids. And on Sunday I worked 3 full-length U17 games. Three 90 minute games and the first two were constant running. Thank heaven the third game was a good bit slower and less intense. My sprint was more like a crawl towards the end! But as of Sunday I'm pretty close to having all of the $$ I'll need for Novembers Camp Wannasew, and then the rest is for stash and gadget shopping!!

Speaking of money, thanks guys for all of the "we're with you" comments on my last post. It's always a struggle, isn't it? I waver all the time about my financial philosophy. On the one hand, I think that we must always work and earn and save, save, save. Skip vacations, work overtime, and spend only on necessities at this stage of our lives. On the other hand, my life experience has shown me can be short. People can die young. If you don't go on that trip this year, you may have more money to spend on it next year, but no husband to do it with. Ever since my dad became sick, my mother is always saying "Don't wait till it's too late." So I never know what to do. Just find a happy medium, I guess.

Stitching? I'm working on a fabric postcard stitching challenge, but don't have anything worth showing at the moment. Hopefully soon!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your postcard. :)
    A middle ground is probably smart when it comes to money. It's hard to be careful and frugal 100% the time!

  2. Now I really feel like I made a good suggestion about camp--you really must like it if you are going back! :)