Monday, April 07, 2008


I finished my house for Souvenir Sampler! Now I know why I don't design things. Such a fussy process. Chart, fiddle with it, stitch a sample, fiddle some more, then take it to the "real" project and keep fiddling.

I'm glad there are so many great designers out there. Charting is too fiddly for me.

Here's the overall sampler. Although there are some half-finished motifs and I'd prefer a photo with them completely finished, the sun is out today and that's such a rare occurrence lately that I thought I should shoot while the shooting was good.

I'm having nagging worries that the house doesn't fit with the rest of the sampler. I kept to the same color scheme as the rest of the sampler, but the look of the house still seems to jump out at me. I hope that once the rest is finished, it'll blend in a little better.

It was a lovely weekend at my house. Lots of basketball to watch, and then Colleen had a late soccer game in Pittsburgh Sunday evening. Dave and I have such a good time watching those games. Next week we go to Bethany College. Should be fun!


  1. Your house looks terrific! You did an awesome job and it looks fine with the rest of the sampler.

  2. Your house looks wonderful. Great job making this sampler your "own."

  3. The house looks great, what a nice project