Friday, April 11, 2008

Guess where I'm going tonight??

Prom dress shopping!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know my feelings on prom dresses.

"Look, these boobs cost me a fortune, so screw the dress and just showcase the boobs."

But DD was invited to the prom, so off we go. It shouldn't be terribly stressful (for me) because I've made it clear that since I paid for the whole she-bang of the junior/senior dance, this prom is on her. Dress, shoes, hair, accessories, and so on. I'll just be along to drive the car, giggle unmercifully, and shuffle aimlessly through the racks of dresses.

We've asked Dave to come along, but he'd rather go sit in the disgusting steam room at the YMCA. I'll bet they talk about prom dresses in there, too.

It's a wonder that my daughter doesn't disown me.

Five soccer games tomorrow, and it's opening day. Hooray!


  1. I bet those boobs DID cost a fortune :)

    Good Luck on the prom dress hunt! When I was in school and went I rented my dress, $40 - what a deal ;)

  2. Oh, I remember dress shopping w/my daughter when she was in HS. She would pull something from the rack & we'd say "tackie or tasteful?"

    One year, she took here ex-BF with us to the dress shop. Talk about an odd shopping experience. She wanted the "male" opinion.

    I'd stay up nearly the night while they went to prom, post-prom, & came home to change. Never mind the Next-Day 'thing' -- and Monday Ditch Day [I'd call her in sick]

    So, have fun with the pre-prom doings and if you can, sew your wallet SHUT! It always is quite an expense.

  3. those boobs look horrible they arent that big