Saturday, April 05, 2008

Here's a finish!

Yes...that DOES say 1992. I've been participating in the Monthly Finishing Challenge, and April's task was to finish a needleroll. Well, my goal was to use this challenge to finish the old stitching that's been hiding in my linen closet for a gazillion years, and after two months, I'm two for two. It's a good feeling to have these things see the light of day!

The only finish that I may need to stitch from scratch would be a biscornu. Luckily, I know there are many free designs out there....Thanks Emily!

In other happenings around the O'Neil house, DS called yesterday to tell us that he has lined up two internships for himself over the summer. Both are in
Ohiopyle State Park*, and miraculously, one is actually a paid internship! He's doing some kind of plant study with a researcher from Penn State, and a bird study with a DCNR researcher. He's pretty darn happy, and I'm happy for him.

And I forgot to mention before that my sister really liked the wooden box. I think it was perfect for her. She's such a sentimental thing.

(*One of our favorite running trails)


  1. Well done on your finish - it looks very pretty, and I guess the sense of accomplishment after leaving it so long is even greater!

    And well done to your DS too - sounds like he will have a good summer!

  2. Pretty needle roll! :) Grats on the finish.

  3. This needle roll is beautifull, I love the color
    à bientôt