Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's been a long time

Ok...So it's been a while. I'm wavering between giving you the rundown of all the things that have kept me away from writing until now or just skipping over it all as if I really had been writing all along.

Oh what the heck. I'll just write as it comes and try to keep it organized so that you can skip over the boring repetitious parts, if you like!

My sister (bless her heart) brought my mother here for Easter. Janet and my nephew, Nick, brought Mom out on Thursday. Those two stayed till Saturday, but Mom stayed for the week. Unfortunately, Mom had a nasty cold. Even more unfortunately, she passed it on to Dave and me, so we weren't exactly a ball of fun. In other words, we were even more boring than we normally are, if you can even imagine that. But when I think about it, we actually were pretty busy.

Easter Sunday Mom went with me to take John back to school. It was nice to have company for the ride home. Usually I'm alone and tired and bored. I was glad that my mom was there.

Earlier Mom had mentioned that she wanted to learn to knit, so Monday I brought out the needles and some yarn and got her started. She knit some, watched some TV, and napped some. Her cold was still pretty bad, so it was good to stay home for a day.

Tuesday we went to Colleen's track meet, where Mom braved the cold and actually sat through the whole meet. (Colleen runs the 1600M at the beginning and the 3200M at the end so we are there for a LONG time) I think she had a good time - she'd never been to a track meet before.

Wednesday we went to Pittsburgh for lunch and then to Phipps Conservatory to see the Spring Flower show.

Then Friday we drove to Philadelphia, partly to take Mom home and partly to celebrate my 50th birthday. Yes, 50. My brothers and sisters and their kids all came over for pizza and wings and beer and a fabulous birthday cake. Mmmm. Cake.

We also squeezed a college visit in for Colleen at Arcadia University. She really liked it, but it was the first of several visits we have planned. The good thing was that it was only 5 minutes from my sister. If she wants to go that far, I'm glad it's near my family.

Then we came home on Sunday, and I had some minor surgery on Tuesday. Very minor. And I'm back to normal now, if just a little tired.

And now for some pictures. I'm probably the very last person in the blogging world to post Easter photos, but I have them, so you get to see them. Here are my two favorite egg artists working on eggs Friday night. That's Nick and my Colleen.

There was very little stitching going on over the week, but I did manage to eke out my March Brides Tree ornament:

And sometime in March I finished this older PS piece into a magnetic bookmark from a tutorial that I read that Barbara posted on the Focus on Finishing blog.
I'll have more photos later. I have some gift photos, and I've spent some money lately. My darling Dave gave me a gift certificate (of sorts) for stitching supplies. Can you hear my hands rubbing together with glee? I've already spent some of it. Even before I had it. Delay gratification?? Not this girl.



  1. Happy belated birthday! Heck, 50 is the new 30, did you know that?
    Glad you had your mom for a visit even though she shared her cold. It's usually the mom teaching the daughter how to knit.
    So you were pretty close to my neck of the woods. Cool.
    Lovely stitching too.

  2. What a great bookmark! :D And I love your Easter photos.

  3. Happy, happy birthday! I can hear that rubbing in Indiana! You need to get that thing spent dear!

    Your kiddos are cute :) Colleen reminds me of my Katie.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a wonderful one.

    I LOVE your March ornament!!

  5. Goodness you've been busy! Happy be-lated birthday!!! I try to spend my b-day shopping money before I get it as often and as soon as possible, LOL!!!

    Very cute finishes :)

  6. Happy belated birthday! I hope you are feeling better now! My next birthday is the big 4-0, so I empathise ... it doesn't seem long since my 21st ...