Monday, April 14, 2008

Wow...that was one LONG weekend

And now folks, we have not one, but three prom dresses.
Friday evening was a bit of a bust when we went to Macy's in Pittsburgh, where in the past they had a good selection of prom and formal dresses. But I guess that in other years we were shopping in February (because the Freshman/Sophomore dance was in April). This year we didn't start shopping until April (she was invited to prom only last week), and almost everything was gone. There were just a few lonely dresses there. It certainly took the wind out of Colleen's sails.

Still, it wasn't a total loss, because we poked around in Filene's Basement and Penney's, where she bought two dresses that were acceptable, but I knew she wasn't exactly jumping up and down for joy.

So Saturday, after working my soccer games, we got back in the car and drove to a shop in Charleroi, PA where I had taken my MIL, her sister, and her mother for their dresses for my wedding. Yep. 25 years ago.

Here's what she came home with:

It's simple, which really works best for her because she's so tiny. She's a barely a size 3, has no bustline, and she's very short, so most dresses are just way too much for her. The actual dress is teal colored, with a salmon-y waist and sash, which are good colors for her. And she'll wear the straps that came with it. It wasn't crazy expensive, either. Lucky for Colleen, because like I said before, she's paying for this deal. So now I just have to return two less-than-perfect-dresses. Fun? You betcha.

Next year we'll know from the get-go that she's going to prom, (because she'll be a senior) so we'll shop really early. Seriously.

Sunday we traveled to Bethany, WV for a soccer game. Dave decided to stay home and I was kind of glad because he got our dinner in the oven and we could have dinner at home. It's nice to come home to a cooked dinner when you've been on the road for 6 hours.

Stitching? Just a little. I finished this for a Yahoo group monthly exchange. I stitched most of it during a very, very long track meet last week. That's an from an old PS leaflet, (#10, copyright 1985!)) called a Prairie Christmas. I updated it a little, using some WDW Cocoa for the rabbit and GAST Dried Thyme for the green trees and green border.

And "rabbits" are the April theme for the Brides Tree SAL, so I think I'll do this one again, but on linen. I have some lovely flax colored linen that will work perfectly.

Our taxes are done and I don't want to talk about it. Sigh.


  1. Thanks for your well wishes for our anniversary. We had a nice Red Lobster dinner.
    Love the dress! The sash really adds a simple elegance to it. I am short, but not tiny, so I know it's hard to get formal wear that is flattering.
    And your rabbit exchange is cute!

  2. The dress is really nice !!! Hope you can take a picture of the actual dress ! I'm sure he will have a lot of fun !!!

  3. I think the final dress she came home with is beautiful. Simple and elegant. I hope you take pictures of her, or at least her dress!