Saturday, May 31, 2008

I should be grateful but...

All of this wonderful lace appeared at my doorstep the other day. Lace, ribbons, eyelet - it's all so pretty. I know I can use the laces and trims as I finish the odds and ends of stitching that are in my "Closet of Completely Stitched but Sadly Unfinished Projects".

But the lace is here because my dear, dear friend, Patricia is moving. I knew she'd be going eventually, but some unplanned things happened and now she's moving sooner than we expected. So she's cleaning out - - - and I'm bumming out.

I live in a small community and most of the time I really like it here. I've made many nice friends in the past 20+ years. But Patricia? Well, she's one in a million. We've hung together through thick and thin. We've raised our kids together. Struggled through their teenage years together. Even stopped our boys from fist fighting together, and still stayed friends. She is the one friend here who I always feel has my back, and I think she knows that I will always have hers.

Patricia's not moving across the world - only to Pittsburgh - so I know we'll still get together from time to time. It just won't be the easy neighborhood stuff, like stopping to talk on the road or sitting together at the lake or going to soccer games together.

Oh-my-oh-my. Life is changing. Turning 50 seems to just be the start of it. I hope that I can face these changes with grace. What I mean is, I want to be honest about my feelings and express them as these changes occur, but I don't want to be a blubbering idiot.

Oh who am I kidding? Blubbering idiothood seems to suit me well. I think I'll just run with that.


  1. Yes it's really sad when a very good friend move out ... I hope you wil find a way to maintain your friendship ;)

  2. I wish I had a friend like Patricia. I think she'll always be a lifelong friend for you though.
    Around here, not too many lady pals to hang with as that was more when I volunteered in the schools years ago. It's when they move to different states that you seem to lose touch.
    Yes, I am a bit bummed today myself.
    About the bugs-my pals doesn't use bug killer. Hope the situation is better for you!

  3. I totally understand --- it's hard to find friends like Patricia. I'm glad you'll still be able to get together, but I know it won't be quite the same.

    If you ever need to blubber, just go right ahead. You're among friends here!

  4. I understand just how you feel! I had 2 of my closest friends move within a couple of months of each other.

    Looks like your weekend was a resounding success ;)