Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've survived another prom

And there's only one more to go and that's a year away. I think. Unless she goes to prom at another high school, which I really doubt will happen.

So, Friday really wasn't too bad. Things never go as smoothly as we would hope, but for the most part, there was only minimal stress. The most stressful part was that her date couldn't find the house where they had all gathered and he arrived rather late. But she took some good natured ribbing from her friends pretty well, and was pretty darn gracious about it when he finally arrived. That's my girl.'s the lovely young lady.

And here is the lovely young lady and her date.

And here they are on the bus on the way to prom.
The theme was Masquerade, and the Prom Committee made them wear these masks. From my point of view, the girls masks were kind of pretty and interesting, but for heavens sake, these girls had just spent a ton of time and money on hair and makeup and who wanted to cover that up with a mask, no matter how theme-like you wanted them to be. And not only did most of the boys look goofy, (like bank robbers in a silent movie), but the masks also made it hard to see. So they stepped onto the stage, into bright lights, and then had masks that made them unable to see the steps. Hm. Not a good idea. But they survived with minimal tripping and stumbling.
This is Colleen and her friend Laura, who is like a daughter to me.
And finally, I hope you can see how proud I am of her in this picture. She's a great kid.


  1. Your daughter is really beautiful ! It's great she had a wonderful prom !!!

  2. Oh - she looks SO beautiful!!! And I love that she looks like a young lady - I've seen far too many prom pictures where the girls look so trampy and overdone. She looks exactly like a high school girl going to the prom should look!

  3. Your daughter is beautiful Lee. There is no wonder you are so proud of her.

  4. Colleen is lovely! I like the photo of you and her the best.