Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lost another LNS

Hella called me from Germany yesterday. When she and Anna were here, they loved the things I had bought from The Needle Nook in Ligonier, PA, so they decided to take a side trip there on their way back to Philadelphia. But when they arrived at the shop, it was gone. What they discovered (from the store that's in its space) was that the owner simply retired and closed up.


That brings the number of shops within a 50 mile radius of me to...Zero. I can't even buy floss anywhere. Floss, even!

Then Hella and Anna went to a shop near Hershey, PA, called The Cross Stitch Cupboard, and they lucked out to find a big sale, because they're closing on June, also.

It's such a drag. I really had thought that cross stitch and embroidery were becoming more popular than ever. The blogs that I read have more amazing and diverse work than I've ever seen before. I must be completely wrong.

I admit that I do some online buying, but I try to patronize internet stores that have actual brick and mortar shops. Even so, I was good for about $100 every few months at the Needle Nook.

So I'm sad to see another one bite the dust. In the early 90's, I could go to Pittsburgh and in one trip I could hit three cross stitch stores on my way home. The shop owners knew me by name, knew my kids, and even offered me coffee or lunch somedays. I miss that. But what can you do? Life marches on.


  1. It's the internet that is making the shops bite the dust. The one I go to once in a while really downsized. They are clever enough to have Super Bowl Sunday special days, etc. throughout the year which probably keeps them afloat. There is nothing like going in a shop and seeing the samples.
    Do you have a JoAnn's, Michaels or AC Moore? Walmart use to carry the DMC, but the one near here got rid of it.

  2. There is a brick and mortar shop in Bridgewater PA, probably about an hour and a 1/2 from you down I-79. It's called Covered Bridge Needlearts. A very, very nice shop and worth the trip.

  3. You can come visit me! Name your time and we'll go visit the stores in my area!

  4. Aw...That's too bad.

    I go to one in my hometown. If I NEED something, I call and they send it. They also have a website so that helps. I can't just go in there and look because I get overwhelmed by all the stuff. LOL

  5. I totally understand; here in Tallahassee, FL, the closest stores are all 3 hours away....